11 June 2012

June Blogger Challenge: Day 11 — Force


It seems to be such an ugly word.

At first.

He used force.
He forced her to . . .
I was forced to . . .

But why?
Words are just letters that are strung together; our minds and intelligence are what give each word meaning.

F . . . O . . . R . . . C . . . E


On the other hand...

Someone can be a force for good.

Someone who fights for what is right.
Someone who stands up for what she believes in.
Someone who refuses to be cowed by life/circumstances/illness.

She is a forceful person.
She forced herself to face the past, and triumph over it.
May the Force be with you! :)

(Sorry, Star Wars fan here.)

It is interesting how a series of letters can hold so much power. How our minds look at a word, such as force, and something from the past springs forward, propelling us into the past when force was used against us.

But as adults, we have more power over our own bodies and minds. We can use force to protect ourselves, and to do good.

Force no longer has to convey something negative. It can be good.

A force for good.


Angela said...

We are all forces to be reckoned with! Great post!

Jenn said...

i really love this, and i love how you use the negative and the positive sides. but you are so right when it comes to this post! i need to print it out and hang it up and read it daily to remind myself about the positive side of this word and what amazing things can happen from it ; )

Purple Dreamer said...

I second what Jenn said. I am often able to find the positive when it doesn't involve me, and I love the spin you put on a word that I don't like!

Missy said...

When it comes to words I believe we have very similar minds.

I'll be stuck in force for a while now.