16 December 2008

"just think of the starving children..."

As if I don't feel guilty enough about having an eating disorder, someone recently told me I needed to think of the starving children in (insert country here).

I do think of the starving children. I traveled to Haiti to help children and others on a medical mission - against doctor's orders. But it didn't stop me from starving myself - I gave most of my food away on that trip - and it didn't stop me from feeling guilty.

If I could give all the food I haven't eaten while anorexic, I would. But comments like these are not helpful.

Neither are these comments: Just eat. (Gee, I hadn't thought of that! Let me just grab that doughnut and scarf it down and I'll be all better), I'd love to be anorexic - for a little bit (Really? You mean I can turn it on and off? and Be careful what you wish for - I use to wish I would be really thin - And now I am!), You actually ate something? (Well, even anorexics eat something; if I didn't eat at all, I would already be dead), I didn't think you would want to be invited because it involves food (Yes, I just like be left out of fun things with friends because I have an eating disorder), and my all time favorite (from a relative, no less) - You just need to pull yourself together!

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Lola Snow said...

Oh my god, people just suck sometimes. My Mum has mentioned the starving kids in Africa before now!!