07 November 2009

Hope rising

It has been a tough week of restricting and little sleep. The days were dark and ana was begging me to come back and I almost fell for it.

But today I feel hope rising.

I went through the many messages I received from friends through this, and I am just amazed at the support I've been given through almost three years of battling anorexia.

I thought, "With all these people behind me, how can I fail?" Thank you Courtney, Carrie, Patti, Joan and so many others I can't even begin to name all of them.

I discovered today I do want it all and a normal life free of anorexia is within my reach.

I am just grateful for the opportunity to go to school, to be with my husband, to look out the window at the sunshine (a minor miracle in Michigan!) and to write and breathe and love and live.

So ED, KISS MY ASS! You're not welcome here anymore.


jibbalibba said...

lovely positive post, everyone is behind you and they all know you can push though it, they all see you for the strong lady that you are

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

You can get that life you want. You have the drive and the determination. Don't give up, even when the going gets tough. Take care of yourself. You can do this!