24 April 2011

Vows meant truly (a poem)

Vows meant truly

Shattered pieces of my soul
Gathered in my hands
Leaking, draining
Spilling over
Like rain
Falling on the dry, hard soil.

I struggle to hold the shards
Inside my palms
Cutting, ripping
Like glass
Falling all around me.

Heart-words swirling
Within my brain
Love, commitment
Lies told
Falling apart in an instant.

I fight to keep dreams alive
Inside my shattered soul
But my hands are
Like a sieve
And everything pours out.

Vows meant truly.


Anonymous said...

Tiger said...

this is beautiful.

Ashley said...


Kristina said...

This is so beautiful...and so sad.....


I Hate to Weight said...

I can't tell you how many times i began to respond to this, but i just don't have the words. i pray that things begin to feel better soon. it's such, such a difficult process.

something that occurred to me as i read this, and i don't even know what it means -- perhaps, let the shards drop? let go. the glass is so painfully hurting and bloodying your hands...

anyway, you're in my prayers, Angela.

I Hate to Weight said...

hey there, Angela. you've been on my mind. how are things going? l, melissa

Sensory Overload said...

I agree with Melissa. I've wanted to say something; anything. The words you have shared are honest, bold and very real.

I hope, deeply; that you have been able to find a way to a point and space where you are able to continue on despite the depths of sadness that comes with loss and change unexpected (or otherwise).

I hope that you keep on and realize that your strength is with YOU.

What you have shared here is absolutely lovely and devastating. I hope there is a grey area wherein you are able to find the beauty of your growth and continue to create what it is you deserve and truly want.

My support,