10 January 2010


I can't take much more. That is all.


lisalisa said...

Please hold on! I don't know what else to say. Just hold on.

Shannon Cutts said...

Hang in there. And take help from your support team. I have faced that darkness too - it is just a dark cloud passing overhead. xo

I Hate to Weight said...

yes, please bring in your supports.

i'm glad you posted. i'll keep you in my prayers, angela.

we all have really dark times. i don't know how badly you're feeling.

please keep us in the loop. i hope you can find comfort and peace soon.

love, melissa

Lou Lou said...

I hope you are ok. Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself, at all times be compassionate to your soul.

grey kitty said...

yes life sucks 100% - recovery is never easy. Just keep listening to people who are also struggling in recovery from ed. Thats what I do. It really validates everything that I struggle with. Especially for beating myself up because my need to be perfect doesn't have an outlet as easy as starving myself.

Tia said...

Hi, I just found your blog... I wanted to send you some hugs and let you know that from what I"ve read so far of your blog, you are a great person and I wish you the best.