01 August 2013

What happens when an ED recovery-minded blogger starts to slip?
Does she go out and create chaos?
Or quietly struggle, afraid to hurt others?

Does she internalizes her fears,
Or does she find a way to release them?

Does she write her way out the pain,
Trying to awaken from the nightmare?

What happens when she slips?

Does she pretend,
Or rediscover her soul?

1 comment:

Katie Elizabeth said...

I just came across your blog tonight. This post brought me to tears. At the beginning of the year, I was recovery-minded. Lasted for a few months this time. I would have a minor slip here and there. But now I'm in the grips of my ed again. I took the path of suffering in silence. It's easier that way then to let everyone know I'm struggling so badly. I will continue to read your posts.
XOXO Katie