30 May 2012


I'm slipping. Why does this always happen???

I have to fight. And I will.


Hedda said...

this can change. You can turn your back to ED right this moment. I do not know what is going in your life at the moment, but I do know you are strong enough to win. You are an amazing and special person who has so much to fight for. The world needs your presence, beautiful. Find your reasons for recovering, hold on to them. The healing process does not feel like positive healing all the time, but it is the right and necessary thing to do.

Know that I'm here if you need someone to vent to. No judgements, just compassion and support.


Jacqueline Hough said...

You can and will win this fight. Why? Angela, you are one of most amazing and inspiring women I know. In my darkest days, you have given me hope. You can do this. Hedda is right--the world needs you. Don't let ED win. You are so worth it!

Anonymous said...

Like the others said, keep up the fight. You will win! xoxo

journey said...

Sometimes when we are slipping, or we slip into that abyss that is an eating disorder... sometimes it takes what feels like moving a mountain to make a change, and sometimes all it takes is ... a kind word, or an encouraging word, or a challenge. I don't know what will help for you, so I'll leave a challenge. You have experienced recovery, right? Or at least been in a more recovered state than you are in at the moment. What was the BEST thing about being there? Now, picture that. Put up an actual picture of that best thing, or make yourself a sign. And then post it in the most conspicuous places you can to remind yourself of what you are striving for. Whatever it is, it is far, far better than anything anorexia can give you. The eating disorder will stand between you and that dream of yours, that reason you reached for recovery, fought for it, cried for it. You CAN fight back. You don't have to slip back into that grip.
And yes, I know how hard this is...

Ashley Noelle said...

It is never easy to be in recovery from your eating disorder. IF anyone tries to say that then they don't have a clue what they are talking about.

Have you talked with your psychologist/therapist lately? Identify what was causing your feelings to be triggered and your want to return to your ED behaviors.

You are one of the amazing and inspiring people I know. Do be gentle to yourself if you "slip" that day or two then get back brush yourself off and start again.