15 May 2012

Feeling Pulled Apart: Stress and Eating Disorder Recovery | Surviving ED

Feeling Pulled Apart: Stress and Eating Disorder Recovery | Surviving ED


Anonymous said...

I’m so happy to have found your blog because your thoughts seem to parallel my own so well – except you put these thoughts into words far better than I. In fact, I feel like I could have written this post word for word (well, just about word for word, plus some spelling and grammar errors and with less eloquence than you, Ms. Masters in Communication/Writing – congrats, as I’m sure you’ve now defended and passed your defense!!!!).

Seriously though, forgetting to eat without it having anything to do with the ED is a common occurrence for me too. Some people eat when stressed; others do the opposite. But, just like you, I have to watch out and not let it ruin recovery a.k.a. not lose weight. The really interesting thing you point out is that you think someday you’ll stop restricting in response to stress. I’ve always thought, in a na├»ve and childish way I suppose, that someday I simply won’t let myself get into such stressful situations. Yeah right! Truthfully, though, I don’t think that I will ever not restrict in response to stress. By that I mean that restricting will always be my natural response, regardless of if I follow through with it. Do you believe it is actually possible to change/re-program your natural response? I’d love to hear more if you do. I’ve always been more of an objective evidence/numbers type of person, so thinking about this more subjective stuff sometimes blows my mind.

Lastly, in the beginning, I used to get confused as to whether or not such a response meant I still had an ED. Now, I’m more aware that they are two different things (one a conscious effort and the other something else entirely). I hope you won’t let such thoughts de-rail you the way I once would. Thank-you for writing and sharing this. AND, congrats again on your Master’s… you’ll have to let us know here once it’s official :)

jane walts said...

i have problem getting stress because I find refuge in food and I end up getting fat.

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