15 May 2010

Passionate and Beautiful Blogger awards

In the whirlwind of trying to get into partial hospitalization, I've just now been able to acknowledge and pass on two important awards to my fellow bloggers. I am going to choose six bloggers for each award.

Passionate Blogger awards:

I was awarded the Passionate Blogger award by Half Shattered, an amazing blogger dedicated to erasing the stigma of the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and who has incredible commitment to her recovery.

I pass on the Passionate Blogger award to these bloggers:

Carrie Arnold of ED Bites. Carrie has shown incredible passion both in her blogging (where does she find all those articles, anyway???) and her recovery. She also has shown such incredible growth in her recovery, opening up her feelings and bringing about a more personal feel to her blog. There still is lots of scientific information about eating disorders there; now we are seeing the more human side of Carrie as well. :)

Tara (aka Zena) who writes "The Struggle Within" against great odds — she just lost her husband and is raising three children and working on recovery from her eating disorder, but continues to both ask for help when she needs it and inspires others when she can (which is often.) I only recently started following Tara's blog, but am already touched by her dedication and willingness to recover for her children and herself no matter what.

Shawna Atkins is both an incredible artist and writer who writes "A Heart Tied with String is a Pretty Thing." She has taken recovery and run with it, and her art work will leave you breathless. Shawna, keep up the good work — you make one gorgeous Bonnie (of Bonnie and Clyde)! :)

Lola Snow is the well-known blogger of Marine Snow, and she has had her shares of ups and downs this year. But she never gives up and continues to move and impress me with her honesty as she goes through Therapy Thursdays and works through recovery from anorexia nervosa. Lola, you also were the first to ever comment on my blog and have always been a tremendous amount of support. You were the first person to welcome me to the blogosphere and encourage me to keep writing, "Leaving ED." Thank you.

Silly Girl is one passionate writer and journalist, and continues to work hard both on her work and her recovery in spite of some serious obstacles and being separated from her son during the week. She has embraced recovery from her anorexia and inspires me with her new found love of food. She also isn't afraid to admit when she need helps, and recently returned to therapy and medication to keep her recovery going. Keep writing — you will be one great journalist someday!

Marge of Lake LaBerge writes passionately about her art and school and living in Vancouver. She also isn't afraid of a fight, and backed me up and defended me against attacks from the pro-ana crowd. Your passion for life reminds me there is life after anorexia — and I will find it someday. (And I do plan to take up archery when I'm strong enough!)

Beautiful Blogger awards:

Lisa, where would I be without you? You have been so supportive, kind, caring ... there aren't words enough to describe you. Lisa is the author of "This Girl's Life" and the wonderful mother of two beautiful daughters. You truly are a "Beautiful Blogger" inside and out!

Sarah Lynn of "Not Doing this Anymore" has been a strong source of support and determined to beat anorexia, which took her mother at the age of 48. Your blog posts have really made me think and inspired me in my own recovery. You definitely deserve life without your eating disorder.

Splinterdones has been through so much and writes about recovery from dissociative identity disorder, and yet always sees the beauty in everything from the first green of spring to people's hearts. You truly are a beautiful person, and I hope you find the peace you deserve some day.

Tiger Bean — your support has been invaluable. What more can I say? (And thank you for validating my choice — I feel I did make the right decision.)

Jessie is the writer of Synecdoche and first caught my eye through a mutual love of the land and people of Haiti. It was a reminder that I am more than my anorexia, and that the world is wider and bigger than the issues I face. She also continues to ask herself the hard questions without ceasing, and faces her fears with bravery and hope.

Half Shattered: You truly are one beautiful blogger and person. I can't express how much you inspire me.

I believe all those who blog about mental health issues, whether about eating disorders or other mental illnesses, deserve these and more awards for their honesty, integrity and commitment to both erase the stigma of mental illnesses and bring about awareness. There are so many more out there I could mention. I have found more hope and more support in this world than pretty much anywhere else. Thank you all for your kindness and the hope and inspiration all of you bring me.


A Glass Half Shattered said...

Thank you so much! I'm truly honored. I will get on this right away. Glad to hear you are doing better. I'm thinking of you x

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. This was such a lovely surprise.

Lola x

Zena said...

Oh Angela, Thankyou so much, I didnt even see this posyt until I was going through what the "trolls" had said, thankyou, thankyou sooooo much, to feel like I make a difference despite this "shit" surounding me well it really brings tears to my eyes, Thankyou for the award, and thankyou for the continued support despite the fact yoiu are waging your own war against ED!!! Your going to win Angela, this right now this step you are taking is the first of many that will propell you foward to a life without AN!!! I beleive in you, now you just believe in you too, I have been through refeeding, so I KNOW how aweful it is, nessacary but aweful, it will pass I promise, its just a process! you got this, I just know!!!

Love, Tara

Silly Girl said...

Thank you so much for the award and the kind words. Such a wonderful surprise! I have been so busy that I haven't had time to read like i want to.

And thank you for continuing to inspire not only me but many others.