20 August 2010

Not My Fault: Erasing the Stigma of Eating Disorders

I was honored to be asked by Sandy at A Glass Half Shattered to write an guest blog post. Sandy is currently in recovery from borderline personality disorder and also struggles with depression and anxiety. She is an awesome writer devoted to both her recovery and erasing the stigma of all mental illnesses.

My guest post, Not My Fault: Erasing the Stigma of Eating Disorders, explores further the differences between having an eating disorder and other illnesses and the stigma still attached to eating disorders. It is my hope I can perhaps show people that eating disorders are real illnesses and that the estimated 11 million people who struggle with these disorders deserve the same compassion and understanding given to others. The post is not meant to evoke pity, but instead create a dialogue of understanding.

I also would encourage you to explore Sandy's blog — you will come away with a better understanding of the day to day life of someone struggling with BPD and you might just relate to much of Sandy's life.


Eating Alone said...

Very cool guest blog. But don't forget the guys. Sorry I'm still not telling too many people that I have even been diagnosed. Hell I don't understand it half the time myself. It really does suck. I just keep thinking I can choose to get better at any time. Well nope not the way that it works.

Glad to see you put this out there. It reminded me that it is not a choose.

A Glass Half Shattered said...

Thanks for your post and your thoughts, as always. :)

Inside the Mind of a... said...

i loved that post :)

stay strong

I Hate to Weight said...

great points, Angela. and you say it all so well.

hope things are okay in your world. you are dealing with so much.

does david read your blog, i wonder?

kevin blumer said...

day to day life is hard with borderline personality disorder but with an eating disorder to the tablets im on make me eat so im kinda lucky that way but it dont take away my bpd you just have to cope as best you can