06 December 2009

Out of commission

Out of commission until 15+ page research paper is done and turned in!

Why, oh why, did I ever think I could do graduate work???

Trigger Trigger Trigger! As I wrote on edbites, if I fail at graduate school, there's always anorexia. I know I'm good at losing weight, I don't feel so hot at being a student again.


Silly Girl said...

Good luck with your paper!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your paper....as a fellow graduate student, I know how tragic those can make you feel!

Anonymous said...

Stay Strong A. You're a far better student than you believe yourself to be, it's evident in the amount of time you spend worrying about not being good enough.

Lola x

Donna P. said...

"Keep your eyes on the prize"
That phrase got me through some tough times when I was working on my Master's at SVSU many years ago.

lisalisa said...

no no no! There is NOT always anorexia because you are going to do GREAT at school and if you have a setback you will PERSERVERE!