17 August 2015

To Anonymous

It's been a long time...

It has been more than a year since I've written anything on this blog. I decided to take a hiatus as I was in a new relationship and adjusting to a new job, plus I wasn't sure in what direction to take this blog.

Then this appeared in my mailbox today:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Anorexia, assisted-suicide and injustice": 

I have AN and found your post because I have suffered 35 relentless years and am looking for DAS. i do not think it is wrong, Perhaps you are not expendable but many out here are. No therapists take my insurance, I cannot find a Dr without a huge fight, my family can no longer help me and do not have a wish to anymore, I have been displaced and am facing homelessness, and frankly, the fight is gone. I am not able to fight the ED homeless.

I fought hard and it's a myth that you can keep fighting for no apparent reason. This will be the one selfish act of my life but will also be the one self directed act of my life, the only act I determine after 35 years of being yanked around without even a 30 minute rest. I am done. 

The post the writer refers to was written five years ago. I have no way of finding this person. I can't find the IP address where the comment originated from, there are no traces of the person and I don't even know if the writer is a he or a she.

So I beg of you Anonymous, if you are still reading - please contact me at my e-mail at gambrel.angela@yahoo.com so I can talk to you. You are important.

No one is expendable, and I still believe that.

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Tia said...

Hey hon! I have been thinking about you!