23 October 2013

The Cost of Self-Stigma

The Cost of Self-Stigma

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I Hate to Weight said...

my AA sponsor always says to me, "get over yourself and go help someone else."

sound horrible? BUT it works.

He tells me that by disrespecting myself i am thoroughly disrespecting God, who made me just as i am supposed to be. so that i can be a productive and useful member of society.

He tells me i don't have the luxury of self-pity or feeling sorry for myself because that feeds my disorder AND keeps me from God's primary purpose for me -- being useful in the world.

He tells me that the hours i spend feeling sorry for myself, are hours spent squandering the time i could be spending being useful in the world.

Sounds horrible, right? but i swear, this kind of thinking is the only kind that ever helped me.

who knew?

by the way, congratulations on your wonderful job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!