29 June 2013

An Open Letter to the Democratic Party

In response to the many e-mails soliciting my financial support.

Dear Democratic Party,

I have been a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party since I was 18. I have supported the party on several occasions, but I now am unable to. Why, you ask? Because in spite of having three degrees and 14 years experience in my field, I am unemployed and now anxiously awaiting whether my unemployment will be approved. I am part of a generation - or perhaps two generations - of Americans who bought into the hype that having an education meant having a better life, when in reality many of us are struggling worse than our person who had either a high school diploma or less. Where do we fit into the grand scheme of things? How can we build any kind of life? Why has our government failed to recognize an entire group of people -educated, literate, and hard working - that are languishing, either unemployed or underemployed and working at jobs that require little or no training.

Why is the DCC concerned about this? Does the party not realize what a horrible, tragic waste of intelligence and talent this is?

Angela E. Gambrel

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