25 March 2012

Body Issues, or Puberty (Again)

Okay, I'll just come out and say it...I now have a figure.
A curvy stomach
Curvy thighs
Curvy hips
I look down and think, "Where did those come from???"
The other day I had to shop for something I haven't needed for a long time.
Or, maybe not.
It was like going through puberty all over again. First I had to figure out my bra size. When I figured out I had a D cup, I knew my calculations were wrong. I mean, I have breasts, but I don't have *breasts*. If you know what I mean.
So I recalculated and realized I had a B cup...I was right back into the size I was at sixteen, when I first develop these breasts.
Then I had to find a "comfortable bra" — two words that constitute an oxymoron, in my opinion. First I went with Victoria's Secret yoga bra, figure it was close to my beloved - and oh so comfortable - camisoles.
But I couldn't wear these bras with a lot of things because of the way the shape curves up. I knew I needed a "real bra." One with underwire and hooks and shaped cups.
First I dug out some old ones that were in the size I *finally* figured out I wear, but these were padded and for some odd reason, the padded ones were too big in the cup. My cup didn't runneth over, but instead ran too small.
Then I headed for the local Kohl's, where I almost went into sticker-shock. Can anyone tell me why a piece of clothing that goes *under* my regular clothes can cost more than my regular clothes? This wouldn't be because we live in a male-dominanted society that still seeks to disenfranchise women, would it? I mean, men have it all wrapped up — they don't have to be expensive undergarments and they don't have to buy tampons or napkins every single month until they hit fifty or so.
I tried on some of the less-expensive makes, refusing to even consider spending fifty dollars for what basically amounts to a glorified bikini top...and while I'm on the subject, who decided to start selling swimwear in two or more separate pieces? What's next — selling a coat and its hood separate? A shirt and its buttons separate? (Don't get any ideas, retail!)
I was gratified to actually find a bra that I can wear all day and not feel like I'm going to die of suffocation. So here's my bra recommendation, for what it's worth: Barely There by Hanes. Most.comfortable.bra.I've.ever.worn.
Pluses: bras are prettier than camisoles (who knew that there were so many different colors for bras?) and my figure is pretty darn good (I actually feel sexier than I have for years! Now if I could find someone to appreciate all this sexiness...)

On a totally random and unrelated note: I've finished reading Unorthodox:The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots and started reading The Hunger Games.

Unorthodox was a good read about a woman who fought against a repressive and misogynistic religious sect — and before anyone calls me an anti-Semite, I would have written the same thing about books that depict fundamentalism and misogyny in any form; i.e. FLDS or strict Southern Baptist. I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church, and they preached that it was a sin for a. girls to wear slacks and b. anybody to do anything that remotely made them happy. We used to watch films about hellfire and damnation, and it was the principle reason why I still struggle to not be afraid of God. Read Unorthodox before you judge me or Deborah Feldman.

The Hunger Games is interesting, yet depressing. I didn't really need another thing to depress me, but I'm too far into the book now to stop. I also bought The Covenant by James Michener the other day, and plan to re-read it soon. I love that book! Anyone interested in historical fiction and the history of South Africa and apartheid should read it.

Finally, I finished reading - yet again! - Black Like Me. I highly recommend it. (Read my review of it on Amazon or at Goodreads. Or just scroll down and read my review on the right of this blog.)


Agrace12 said...

Encouraging. Embracing your body and loving it! This is something I still struggle with, a woman's body. I developed my ED as a child and I still identify with a child's body even though I am a mother! Crazy. I admire you for this!

Angela said...

I have gained curves, breasts...still not enough to really warrant needing a bra, but it does remind me of puberty. How many times can my body change? I've gone through puberty, anorexia, pregnancy, anorexia, medicine induced weight gain, anorexia, and now recovery. a womans body is in constant flux. We have to embrace the changes. You appreciate your sexiness, and one day someone else will!

Dawn said...

recently did the same thing and found one at Victoria Secret that I could seriously live in. I don't think I've ever in my life had a bra that has been so comfortable, barely feels like I'm wearing anything, and it makes me feel pretty. It was hard to spend $50 on a bra though and it was hard to try on so many many before I found "the one".

And I agree with you on Hunger Games. Good read but depressing. The 2nd one is more action than the first and the 3rd is dark and depressing. Still good but difficult to read at the time that I read it.

yogaduchess1982 said...

I love Vera Wang. But I HATE vera wang lingerie for Kohl's. The bras are NOT supportive, and the panties are just so odd. Good choice with Hanes. :)

Leigh said...

Great post. I HATE bra shopping for the same reasons you listed.