26 December 2011

Smoke Rising (A Poem)

Smoke Rising

Pain scrapes against my heart
As I listen...
And no one is there

Inexplicably, smoke rises upward
A life of lies and ruin
I turn and suddenly you are there

It's as if Christ heard
My cries...
But only for one moment

For months cold has seeped
Into my bones
And I curl into a ball

Seeking warmth
Covers wrapped and tucked...
The sudden brush of a thigh

That is not there
Startled awake...
I forget the emptiness

That has invaded
My life
And my soul

Seeking solace
In forbidden places...
And my heart begins

To feel again
Stirrings of emotions
Going places

That I should not go
Unable to stop...
I turn to Christ

But there is no answer
My prayers cry out
To no one

And I long for what
I can never have.


sarahlynn said...


I wish I could make this easier for you.

Home is where the HEART is... said...

Oh Angela....

Domino said...

you write amazingly <3

Missy said...

He is exactly who you need to turn to. And yes, greta words, "turn to" because he is right there with you.

Nicole said...

You have been in my thoughts and I’m really sorry you are going through this hard time right now.

You are such a resilient woman; always remember how very strong you are.

I hope you feel better soon <3