01 March 2010

Leaving Ana

Leaving Ana

Snarls wrap around me
Tentacles clutching for the kill
I struggle to free myself
The more I try to escape,
The more Ana will not let me go.

Smooth, concave stomachs
The jutting of hip bones
Breasts of a young girl
Empty doll eyes staring at nothing
The promise of perfection

Ah, but the price!
Starve yourself
Deny your hunger
I am beyond mere human needs
Ana says
I am becoming a higher being
And no one else really understands, right?

Increasing blackness
The feeling of lightness
Means progress
Friends fade
Family becomes nothing
Dreams are just wispy puffs
Is all I need

Ana feeds me,
I live on air
As the pain grows
The first cut is the deepest,
And Ana cackles in the background

Trying to extract myself,
I enter a horror-house maze with no exit
The snarls choking me,
At every turn
Ana is a very jealous lover,
You see

The fight has begun
Anger begins to turn outward,
I slash out at the tentacles,
Cutting deep into the lies
Desperate not to drown in Ana

Piece by piece,
I am freeing myself
Untangling the web
Drowning out Ana’s voice saying
That I am nothing without her
Ana is winning the battles
But in the end, I shall
Win the war


Anonymous said...

I like how this shows the cycle - getting into Ana, getting deeper and then getting out again. - Heidi

Jessie said...

You will win. Keeping fighting and stay strong.